Birmingham casinos

You have a fair variety of casinos in the second city, from the monstrous Star City off the motorway to the funky Rainbow and Genting casions out on the Hagley Road.

There’s a chinese specialist site – the Genting Chinatown – and one of my favourite sites in the country, the Broadway. Something for everyone, and none of them are less than excellent.

Broadway Casino Birmingham

1-4 Broadway Plaza,
220 Ladywood Middleway,
Birmingham B16 8LP
Tel: 44 0121 456 5557

G Casino Birmingham

Fiveways Leisure complex,
Birmingham B15 1AY
Tel: 44 1216313535

Genting Casino Chinatown, Birmingham

16/18 Hurst Street,
Birmingham B5 4BN
Tel: 44 1216223313

Genting Casino Edgbaston

1 Norfolk Road,
Birmingham B15 3PS
Tel: 44 1214543725

Genting Casino Star City Birmingham

Watson Road City Centre,
Birmingham B7 5SA
Tel: 44 1213278008

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham

84 Hill Street,
Birmingham B5 4AH
Tel: 44 1216431777

Rainbow Casino Birmingham

1 Portland Road,
Birmingham B16 9HN
Tel: 44 1214541033