Southend casinos

Southend has, as well as a preposterously long pier, a couple of sound casinos.

If you want a view of said pier, look no further than the Genting site, a massive and beautiful casino out on the seafront. If piers aren’t your thing, or if you want a bit of variety, head back towards the Rendezvous, a Caesars site on an upper floor. It’s a bit of a veteran, but very pleasant nonetheless.

G Casino Southend

6-8 Southchurch Road,
Southend SS1 2NE
Tel: 44 1702411610

Genting Casino Southend

Western Esplanade Westcliff-on-Sea,
Southend SS0 7QY
Tel: 44 1702352919

Rendezvous Casino, Southend

Eastern Esplanade,
Southend SS1 2ZG
Tel: 44 1702616000