Reading casinos

Reading is home to three casino spots, all of which are more than respectable.

The central – and much older – option is the Grosvenor, right by the Oracle shopping centre. It’s easy to find on foot, although a bit tricky by car.

If you are driving, you are probably better heading for on of the other two. Out off the approach road from the M4 is the brand new shiny G casino, while closer into town is the Genting. Both are very large, and have all you’d expect form a modern casino offer.

G Casino Reading

Rose Kiln Lane,
Reading RG2 0SN
Tel: 44 1184027800

Genting Casino Reading

18 Richfield Avenue,
Reading RG1 8PA
Tel: 44 1189391811

Grosvenor Casino Reading

Queens Road,
Reading RG1 4SY
Tel: 44 1189594642