Brighton casinos

It just feels right that a place like Brighton should be well served for casinos, and that’s how it works out.

There are three casinos in the town right now. You have the lovely Rendezvous, operated by Caesars, out at the marina to the east of the town – don’t try to walk there from the centre. In the centre is the G casino, right by Brighton Pier, while a little further west, essentially on kebab shop street, you’ll find a small but very busy Genting site. If you want to take your partner to an upscale venue, either of the first two would fit the bill – the last one, Genting, doesn’t have a restaurant but is in fact surrounded by them.

G Casino Brighton

9 Grand Junction Road,
Brighton BN1 1PP
Tel: 44 1273326514

Genting Casino Brighton

6-8 Preston Street,
Brighton BN1 2HN
Tel: 44 1273725101

Rendezvous Casino Brighton

Brighton Marina Village,
Brighton BN2 5U
Tel: 44 1273605602