Napoleons Casino Leeds

Last updated: 19 November 2014
Classy spot, and with the competition right there across the street, they have to be on their game

Before you go:

Reg/Walk In: Walk in
Cashout at Machines: Coupon
Dress Code: Smart casual
Rewards Programme: No
Parking: Free customer parking
Restaurants: Yes
Bars: Yes

Address: Westport Centre, West Street, LS3 1LX
Telephone: 44 1132445393

The Napoleons casino in Leeds is a bit of a twin town (also the name of the greatest movie about Welsh stoners ever made) to the Gala (now Grosvenor) Leeds, which is literally opposite on the Kirkstall Road out to the west of Leeds. Location wise, much of the same that applies to the Gala applies here, so I’ll take it as read if you’re thinking of punting in Leeds you’ll read both reviews (ie I’m too lazy to re-type it all here). These guys were here first, mind you – I bet their owner had a pretty crappy day when he realised exactly where his oppo were setting up camp. Talk about tanks on the lawn …

Inside it’s a typical Napoleons site, all dark colours and an air of class. They aim for a certain type of customer, do Napoleons, perhaps a little older and more reserved than your average G casino Saturday night two pint screamer. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that they started allowing alcohol on the gaming floor here, the law for which changed a good 15-odd years ago, but their approach does help to lead to a more reserved type of atmosphere.

As usual they have a nice restaurant, and the slots and everything else are kept very clean and tidy.

They have had a bit of a ‘mare beyond their control – actually on reflection I’d go so far as to call it a Weston (Super-Mare). Right next door to them has opened up a large, garish payday loans office, with very prominent green signage. I reckon the last thing the owners want to see is such a spot within 50 yards – brings to mind desperation tactics from potential degens – drive up with a car, sell / pawn it for some gambling money, walk home with nothing. In practise of course they’re a good bunch at Napoleons and it’s a fine spot for a punt without worrying about getting much bother.