Grosvenor Leo Liverpool Casino

Last updated: 19 November 2014
Top quality casino environment now on its third owner

Before you go:

Reg/Walk In: Reg
Cashout at Machines: Coupon
Dress Code: Smart casual
Rewards Programme: Yes
Parking: Free customer parking
Restaurants: Yes
Bars: Yes

Address: 44 Chaloner St, Queen's Dock, L3 4BF
Telephone: 44 1517098878

The Grosvenor Leo used to be an independent spot, but was then swallowed up by Gala and in due course, was swallowed up by Grosvenor. Down by the waterfront, it’s a two storey operation, with some pretty spectacular views over the water. I did have some problems getting in – not door trouble in the sense of security issues, more that I couldn’t figure out which door to use. For reference, it’s the revolving one, just to save you the embarrassment of faceplanting against a locked door.

Grosvenor of course also have the membership policy, but again if you’re a member elsewhere it’s pretty quick to get in. The lower floor is all slots and electronic roulette, with some pretty up to date, shiny kit, and even slot hosts during the evening. Our guy was very helpful, and partly made up for the fact that there wasn’t a cash desk of any sort on the lower floor, necessitating a trip upstairs to cash out. As if I had anything to cash out …

Upstairs is a mighty pleasant casino, where the views are even more spectacular. We had the raging hungries, so stopped by the restaurant. It’s a very thin menu – we figured maybe this meant it was all stuff they’d got very good at – so we ordered loin of halibut and a rare rump steak. The halibut was lovely, although the portion size was a bit on the minimalist side for a growing gent like myself – when the waiter asked if we wanted anything else, “the address of the nearest drive-thru McDonalds” probably wasn’t what she was expecting. My mate’s steak came on the well done side of medium, and with a rump steak that’s always going to present a dental challenge. Not so good, although draught Peroni surely helps.

We had a shot on the gaming floor, where they had the Blackjack progressive game,which is quite fun. You play for a pound, and are aiming for Aces on your hand, two of them, which you then split to try to get four aces of the same colour. I even had a shot at glory – my first two cards on one hand were Aces of Clubs – which qualified me for a £100 bonus, and two more black Aces would have meant £50K! No such fiesta popped up, however, and then I was proper gutted to find out that the £100 bonus was only for two unsuited Aces. Naturally, I sat back down and tried not to cry…

The Leo really is a classy looking place – possibly why it doesn’t seem to trade all that well – although the city centre appears to be getting closer to their location with new shopping areas expanding in their direction, and their having a large car park is certainly helpful. By contrast with some other sites, it’s more partner friendly, and with a variety of tournaments, from poker to slots and hard gaming, it’s well worth a look.