Genting Queen Square Liverpool

Last updated: 19 November 2014
Class operation in the centre of a class city

Before you go:

Reg/Walk In: Reg
Cashout at Machines: Card system
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Rewards Programme: Yes
Parking: Pay and display
Restaurants: Yes
Bars: Yes

Address: Queen Square, Whitecapel, L1 1RH
Telephone: 44 1517027610

The newly refurbished Queen Square Genting casino is located in the centre of Liverpool, surrounded by the night time economy, with bars, restaurants and all the other gubbins associated with having a good time within easy reach. There’s also a massive multi storey car park right next door.

Once you get inside, you see the entrance to the casino and a large staircase winding away to your left – more of that later. The reception team will get you all sorted, and then it’s down a couple of steps onto the floor, with the main bar on your left. It’s a strange site, it looks enormous from the outside, but then when you get in you realise that there are only 10 gaming tables and even more amazingly, only 16 electronic roulette terminals. Further exploration however reveals that it goes quite a long way back, with the Mah-Jong / poker overflow area and cash desk out the back, and a sizeable poker room off to one side.

The décor is beautiful – Genting really have got the hang of how to make a casino look spectacular but comfortable at the same time – all dark colours and deep reds. The bar is the natural place to start, and a friendly bar team certainly help to set the mood. Along with several of the new Genting casinos, the bar area has these huge multimedia table / screen things – quite hard to explain, and evidently not easy to use, since I’ve never seen anyone use them for anything other than a drinks table! It seems you can play a beginners game of Blackjack on them, but given I’ve never seen anyone use them I suspect they’re the most expensive occasional tables ever made.

There’s plenty of 10p electronic roulette available despite the scarcity of terminals, and as you might expect all the slots are bang up to date. Be careful as you walk about though, I don’t know who fitted the floor but there are a couple of uneven places – maybe just designed as a boozehound booby trap, for comedy replay later for the CCTV team.

Those stairs at the entrance actually lead up to the most extraordinary bar (and by extraordinary I don’t mean amazing – I mean odd ….) which is almost completely white in colour. Apart from the fact that I’d be scared to sit down in case I spoiled the sparkling white effect, it seemed largely deserted. Closer inspection reveals that this bar (known as the 1880 bar) actually connects the casino with much of the rest of the development, and has a separate entrance from the main body of the square. The website offers private booth bookings – judging by the level of trade on a Friday night when we visited, I wouldn’t be offering a fortune to sit there, the promise to buy at least one drink might do it…..

Overall it’s a really impressive site, smaller than you might think, and I suspect it does very well from both weekend drinkers and serious players alike. Should you find yourself in Liverpool you could certainly do worse than paying the Queen Square site a visit.