Edinburgh casinos

Four casinos in the lovely Edinburgh, three of which are owned by Genting.

The odd one out is the Grosvenor Maybury, out west of the city. It’s nice enough in an art deco way.

The Genting sites are two very similar ones – Leith and Fountain Park, both very large and pretty new. The other one is York Place, dead central, quite pokey and probably makes all the money …

Genting Casino Fountain Park, Edinburgh

124 Dundee Street,
Edinburgh EH11 1AF
Tel: 44 1312284446

Genting Casino Leith, Edinburgh

2 Ocean Drive,
Edinburgh EH6 6JB
Tel: 44 1315537505

Genting Casino York Place, Edinburgh

5b York Place,
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
Tel: 44 1316242121

Grosvenor Maybury Casino, Edinburgh

1-5 South Maybury,
Edinburgh EH12 8NE
Tel: 44 0131 3384444