Glasgow Casinos

As part of our UK tour to get up to date with all the casinos in the country, we recently trekked up to the fair city of Glasgow to check out the casinos on offer.

As befits such a significant city, Glasgow is pretty well served for casinos and boasts a total of seven licences, although there are only 5 operating sites.

Glasgow city high street

If it’s a big shiny all singing all dancing affair you’re after, you’ve got a couple of choices. The Alea, south of the Clyde, and the Grosvenor Merchant City are both on a huge scale (by UK standards) and have all the mod cons.  The Alea edges it in terms of restaurant offer, but the Grosvenor is a lot busier, although you’ll need ID for the Grosvenor site, in the middle of a large leisure development.

For more serious gamers, there are two sites more or less next door to each other in the north west of the city centre, on Sauchiehall Street. Grosvenor Princes sits a hundred yards or so from the city’s sole Genting site. The Grosvenor is pretty small and nicely turned out, while the Genting site is much bigger and squarely aimed at the Chinese market it would appear, although it’s got all the new kit you could hope for and is actually very pleasant.

Rounding out the Glasgow offer we have the Grosvenor Riverboat. It’s quite a grand name for what is essentially a box next to the river, but it has plenty of charm and character and another lovely view over the river from the dining area.

There’s one more site to mention, which is the Corinthian Club. At time of writing it is about to close down, which is a shame because it really did have a lot of character, being based in the Corinthian building with about 10 differently themed bars. The big question is will it ever reopen?  That’s up there with all the historical posers, like “who shot JFK”, “how much deeper would the sea be if sponges didn’t live there” and “if you only had one bullet, would it be Piers Morgan or Noel Edmonds, or could you line them up just right and take them both out perfectly” ?